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Live Correspondent: The University Rover Challenge (URC) is a prestigious International competition hosted by the Mars Society for University and College students to complete a given scenario using a rover the team has built. To participate in this competition teams, have to go through selection process. Teams need to give their team proposal, Critical design review

It is great to hear that the BRAC University’s rover “BRACU MONGOL TORI” has passed CDR selection for participating University Rover Challenge 2017. The good news has come 21st of March.


After hearing the news, all the students of BRAC University became delighted. It is not only a good news for BRAC University students but also a good news for the country. The long hard work of the project team has paid off by the news of selection. The project was started from December last year. Meanwhile the team worked day and night hard and soul to make the project successful till the CDR submitting. They went to several test runs to test the rover as well.

There were two main leaders behind the project, operation leader Niaz Sharif Shourov & technical leader Masnur Rahman. There were total 6 core members including two main leaders. Total 20 members worked behind the project. Without the help of Advisor Dr. Khalilur Rahman and Technical advisor Sabbir Bin Azad this project would not be successfully done and capable of this competition. All of the members were hoping for a good result to hear after submitting the CDR.

CDR is the critical design review of the rover. The CDR was submitted 4th march 2017. The work of the rover was started from December,2016.

It is magnificent news for BRAC University. Only 30 teams have got chance for the competition all over the world & BRAC University is one of them. The final round of the competition will be held in June 1-3. The competition will be held at the Mars Desert Research Station, outside Hanksville, Utah. The site was selected by the Mars Society for its geographic similarity to Mars – in addition to being a largely barren desert area; the soil in the area has a chemical composition nearly identical to Martian soil.

The winning team will receive transportation, lodging and admission for five individuals to present their rover at the Annual International Mars Society Convention, as well as cash prizes.

Dhaka, 28 March, ( //AM


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