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Orientation program held at BRAC University


BRAC Live: Pre-university also known as Pre-Uni is a foundation course of  higher educational academic English which is run by BRAC Institute of  Language(BIL) under BRAC University. Students who provisionally pass the admission test get the chance to do the course. Through this course students can improve their reading,writing,listing and speaking skill..

Spring’17( 2nd intake) Pre-University orientation program held at 11:00am in BRAC University Auditorium hosted by Farid Ahmed, Lecturer, BRAC Institute of  Language(BIL).In his speech he introduce the course to the students and talked about the rules and regulation along with the power point slides. He also mention that, “The idea of Pre-University is new to people but in BRAC University we run this course around 11 years ”.

After his speech two students, who recently completed this course shared their experience. Faculties of  BIL, provisionally selected students and their parents were present in the program.

Dhaka, 26 Dec. ( // IH


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