Acupressure treatment will introduce in education institutes

Live Correspondent: Acupressure, an alternative medical treatment, will be introduced in educational institutions of the country for the physical fitness of the students. Under a year-long project, seminars, workshops and training programmes will be conducted in selected institutions across the country to create awareness on acupressure treatment and make the students motivated to go for self... details

For treatment, Sheikh Hasina against going abroad

Live Correspondent: Today Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced that from now on she would take treatment at Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib KPJ Specialized Hospital in Gazipur.Expressing her serious reservation about going abroad for medical treatment, "There are some people who always think they need to go abroad if they fall sick a little. But I have serious reservation about that why we will... details

HIV spreads like a computer worm

International Live: A new model for HIV progression shows that it spreads in a similar way to some computer 'worms'. HIV specialists and network security experts at University College London (UCL) made the discovery after creating a simulation of how the virus spreads They worked together to build a model for this 'hybrid spreading' which accurately predicted patients' progression from HIV to... details

Excessive consumption is causing hyperactivity for children

Live Correspondent: Pupils excessive consumption of energy drinks is fueling deteriorating behavior, it has been claimed. Chris Keates, general secretary of the NASUWT, likened the caffeinated refreshments to ‘readily available legal highs’. Some children drink ‘excessive’ amounts of Red Bull, Monster and Relentless, causing ‘hyperactivity’ and an ‘inevitable crash’ later,... details

Skincare tips before going to bed

Live Correspondent: Take care of your skin at night: Your skin at night goes through a renewal process. Thus, caring for it before you go off to sleep is essential. Not only does it help your skin looking youthful, but it also ensures that your skin remains smooth. Toner for smooth skin After you’ve applied the cleansing milk, complete the ritual by applying a toner that suits your... details

Drugs to treat certain hereditary cancers identified

There is currently no treatment for this kind of gastric cancer other than surgical removal of the stomach as a preventive measure in those identified as carrying the mutated gene. Lobular breast cancer is hard to detect by mammography and mastectomies are also undertaken by some carriers. But the new findings, published in the journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, suggest that people at... details