Princeton prof celebrates Nobel Prize win

Live Correspondent: Princeton University professor F. Duncan Haldane in Princeton's Jadwin Hall Tuesday morning teaching his first class after winning the Nobel Prize in physics, "Electromagnetism: Principles and Problem Solving." As Haldane entered the room, his students erupted in applause and cheers. (Denise Applewhite) After learning he had won the top prize in his field, Haldane did... details

The Novel Prize in Physicl is announced today

Live Correspondent: The Nobel Prize in Physics is awarded to David Thouless, Duncan Haldane and Michael Kosterlitz ”for theoretical discoveries of topological phase transitions and topological phases of matter” They revealed the secrets of exotic matter. The 2016 Physics Laureates opened the door on an unknown world where matter can assume strange states. They have used advanced... details

University research needs ‘public impact’

Live Correspondent: University research should have more impact with the wider public, says a review of how billions of pounds of UK research funding is awarded. Economist Lord Nicholas Stern has published a review of how to measure the quality of university research. He also wants all research staff to be assessed, rather than allowing universities to submit their own selection of... details

Five NASA Langley Researchers Honored

International Live: There’s nothing better than sharing your achievements with family. For engineer Ellen Carpenter, the accolades created a special feeling for loved ones  especially her mother. “She’s very proud,” Carpenter said, adding that her mother will happily boast about her to anyone who asks. And boast she did after a ceremony July 19 where Carpenter and four other... details

Bangladeshi Student will get Opportunity to study of NASA

Live Correspondent: US Space Research Organization (NASA) headquarters in Washington and NASA Space Apps Bangladesh arrange a meeting. Bangladeshi Students can do research has been discussed on NASA’s meeting. Meanwhile NASA's chief scientist Stefan, CT and Debra Diaz, NASA Senior Open invention International Relations Specialist Program Manager Beth Beck and Neil came held on this... details

Chilly summer for Sentinel-2B

International Live: While most of us may be looking forward to spending some time in the sunshine this summer, the Sentinel-2B satellite is being subjected to the extreme cold of space to make sure it is fit for life in orbit. Sentinel-2B will be the next satellite launched for Europe’s environmental Copernicus programme. In 2017, it will join its identical twin, Sentinel-2A, to... details

150 top Scientist meetting, Stephen Howking joins for Britain to stay in EU

Live Correspondent: The list of luminaries asking the UK to remain in the European Union (EU) keeps growing. The latest addition is Stephen Hawking, along with more than 150 scientists. Hawking and 150 fellows of the Royal Society, The membership also allows free movement of talented scientists and their European grants to come in to the UK. “If the UK leaves the EU… it will be a... details

Farm mechanization can help boosting crop production

Rajshahi Live:  Agricultural extension and research officials in a workshop here today unequivocally called for promotion of growers level farm mechanization to boost crop outputs to feed the gradually increasing population. They revealed that the cropping intensity can be increased to 250 percent even 400 percent from the existing 200 percent through reducing the existing time gap... details

JU: farmer’s friendly technique Of growing Button mushroom

JU Live: A researcher of Jahangirnagar Universty (JU), Mohammad Anwar Hossain has successfully cultivated the commercially important Button mushroom in a new farmer’s friendly technique in his home farm of Pandhua Bazar very near to JU campus. Hossain a Ph.D fellow, made discussion at a press conference at JU Journalist Association / JU Press Club hall room yesterday. The researcher said... details

Exercise can reduce sleepiness

Live Correspondent: Sleepiness in work period is a painful experience. Daily aerobic exercise can help you, if you find it too hard to stay awake at work, a research found recently. Exercise reduces the levels of two proteins, resulting in reduced excessive sleepiness, the findings showed. The study involved people with hypersomnia, which is characterised by sleeping too much at night as... details

Rules of motivating your will

Live Correspondent: A Stanford psychologist and author of The Willpower Instinct, Kelly McGonigal says, "Willpower gives you the energy and endurance to deal with challenges, the ability to persevere in the face of setbacks, and the strength to tolerate conflict or stress that might otherwise make us run away from goals or projects we care about." Anyone can learn to improve their willpower,... details

How to made diesel from water

Live Correspondent: The toll that conventional fuels take on the environment has been the subject of several discussions all over the world and rightly so. Taking another step in this direction, Audi has come up with a synthetic fuel that could contribute significantly to climate protection - Audi e-diesel. A part of its project to develop new, CO2-neutral fuels, a plant in Dresden, Germany,... details