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NCTB to fix 6 errors found in textbooks




Live Correspondent: The National Curriculum and Textbook Board or NCTB will be making six corrections in primary-level textbooks.

Although different quarters pointed out various errors in both primary- and secondary-level textbooks, NCTB previously said it did not find any error in secondary-level textbooks.

The Directorate of Primary Education provided field-level education officers with a list of corrections to incorporate in the books.

NCTB Chairman Professor Narayan Chandra Saha said a major mistake was found in the poem. “No other major mistakes have been found in the primary-level textbooks,” he added.

The controversial pictures of a goat climbing a tree to eat mangoes and a girl wearing scarf will be changed in the next editions as well, he added.

Sources have also said a panel was formed to find out the mistakes after they surfaced on the social media.

The list was made following recommendations of the panel.

This year, the government has distributed over 362 million textbooks and education materials among the students.

Dhaka, 18 May, ( //AM

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