Abraham Lincoln delivered a short speech

Live Correspondent: On November 19, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln delivered a short speech at the close of ceremonies dedicating the battlefield cemetery at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Honoring a request to offer a few remarks, Lincoln memorialized the Union dead and highlighted the redemptive power of their sacrifice. Placing the common soldier at the center of the struggle for equality,... details

Iraqi forces ‘retake ancient city from IS’

Live Correspondent: In March 2015, officials and historians condemned IS for the destruction of the archaeological site, which dates back to the 13th Century BC. Nimrud lies about 30km (20 miles) south-east of the major city of Mosul, which Iraqi government forces are attempting to take from IS. An Iraqi military statement said: "Troops from the Ninth Armoured Division liberated Nimrud... details

13 fascinating historical institutions

Live Correspondent: Most American cities aren’t as old as even the smallest villages in parts of Europe, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have long complex histories to explore. Fortunately, historical societies all across the country are there to preserve and share the histories of their communities. What each one has to offer to visitors is as different as the cities and regions... details

Women might be especially good at this high-stakes career

Live Correspondent: Do you know something about business? Are you good at listening and giving advice to others? Have a knack for recognizing good ideas for new businesses? If you answered yes to those questions, you should consider becoming a venture capitalist, or “VC.” You don’t necessarily need to be the one with the money. VCs work in institutions that specialize in giving large... details

Providing access to reading for all

Live Correspondent: The National Library Service for the blind and Physically handicapped celebrates 85 years of providing universal access to the written word. On March 3, 1931, Congress passed—and President Herbert Hoover signed—the Pratt-Smoot Act, which appropriated $100,000 annually to the Library of Congress “to provide books for the use of the adult blind residents of the United... details

Rauful Alam awarded Swedish scholarship

Live Correspondent: Bangladeshi young researcher Rauful Alam has been accomplished his Doctoral degree from Stockholm University under the supervision of Professor Kalman Szabo. His research works have been published in several prestigious international journals including Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS) and Angewandte Chemie. Bangladeshi young researcher Rauful Alam has... details

Anisuzzaman seeks Rabindranath to be instilled into youth mind

Correspondent Live: National Professor Dr Anisuzzaman today sought massive initiatives to instill into youth minds the philosophy of Poet Rabindranath Tagore to prevent them from being intoxicated by the ideals of terrorism. "If someone could realize the message of universality and humanity in Rabindra literature, he would never be influenced by or involved in terrorist activities," he told... details

Sonia gets Microsoft Founders Award

Live Correspondent: Sonia Bashir Kabir, Managing Director of Microsoft Bangladesh has won the highly prestigious Founders award given by Bill Gates. This award is the highest honour any Microsoft employee can win and 15 people among 100,000 employees of Microsoft won it this year. Sonia was chosen from Asia Pacific and was given the award at Microsoft’s annual general meeting held in US... details

Greed may doom humanity: Stephen Hawking

Live Correspondent: He is better known for wrestling with the mysterious forces that shape our universe and the existential threat posed by technology. But physicist Stephen Hawking now fears greed could be the undoing of the human race. The University of Cambridge professor has warned that the unequal divide of wealth between individuals and countries is one of the most divisive issues of... details

Office couple having sex Scandal filmed by stunned Pokemon

Live Correspondent: A teenager playing Pokemon Go stumbled upon a naughty couple’s X-rated display in an office window.  in full view of the street below. The youngster filmed the explicit scene outside a consultancy firm in the Dominican Republic capital Santo Domingo. The video has now gone viral - and has led to a furious denial and pledge to sue after a secretary was identified... details

Govt takes all preparation for hajj: minister

Live Correspondent: Religious Affairs Minister Principal Matiur Rahman today said his ministry has taken all-out preparation to help the pilgrims perform the holy hajj smoothly. "This is for the first time, pre-registration has been introduced for hajj activities. Besides, the use of digital technology started this year for hajj management to give better services to the hajj pilgrims," He... details

World War I: What This War Was About

Live Correspondent: Next April begins the centennial of America’s involvement in World War I, from April 6, 1917, when the U.S. Congress formally declared war on the German Empire. It concluded November 11, 1918, with the armistice agreement. we are going to risk embarrassment by confessing that I have retained very little of what I learned about this war in school. We must have been... details

A desert of smugglers and skeletons

Live Correspondent: Border patrol agent Ryan Hajek was walking in the open Texas desert, trying to stay as quiet as possible. It was dark except for the full moon that hung above him. He was looking for something specific some clothes left behind, anything that showed evidence of human life. Tracking people and conducting lay-in operations – which require officers to hide in the desert... details