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Screen artists push for 5-point demand


Entertainment Live: Bangladeshi eminent actors and artists have assembled together on Wednesday to place a five-point demand. Federation of Television Professionals Organization(FTPO) has launched the movement to present their five-point demand, including their call to shut down foreign serials in local channels.

The rally, held at central Shaheed Minar, included a number of prominent actors, directors, makers, producers and several artists involved with the small screen.

Their five demands include: to shut down foreign serials in private channels which are dubbed in Bangla, to let the authorities concerning the particular program in a channel control the production, purchase and promotion of that program without outsider agencies intervening, to bar illegal foreign actors and technicians from working in the local TV channels, to demarcate the minimum and logical rate of AIT in every sphere of small screen and to stop advertising local commercials in foreign channels through down link channels.

Dhaka, 30 Nov. ( // IH


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