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Russian model slammed for dangerous


Entertainment Live: A Russian model’s daredevil photography stunt has drawn flak online, with many slamming her for taking unnecessary risks. Viktoria Odintsova, 22, was filmed dangling over the side of a Dubai skyscraper, held only by a male assistant’s hand and not wearing any safety equipment.

Her first video and photo posts of the stunt on Instagram in January had more than a million views, with some praising her for being daring. However, many have also criticised her for not valuing her life. One user said: “Beauty fades, dumb is forever.”

Another admonished: “You are complete crazy how you can play with life. Ridiculous. Many people are sick and they want to have a another chance.” The video was taken at the Cayan Tower, which at 306m-tall with 75 storeys was the world’s tallest building in 2013.

Her Instagram account also has photos of her doing some extreme sports, such as bungee jumping in Russia, ziplining in Dubai and indoor skydiving in Bahrain.


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