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Kabori heartbroken over Razzak’s demise





This coupling of this two, often referred to as ‘Nayak Raj’ and ‘Sweet girl of Bengali films’, is still tremendously popular among the film aficionados.

In an unfortunate turn of events, the hero and heart of this pair Abdur Razzak passed away yesterday.

A baffled Kabori talked to media trying to put her feelings in words. “I really don’t know what to say at this moment.  It is not possible for me to put my feelings for him in two or four sentences. I still can’t wrap my head around this news,” said Kabori, “This is extremely painful. I was thinking of paying him a visit for the last couple of days. It’s been long since we last met. It’s unimaginable that our last meeting would be like this.”

Reminiscing their countless memories together, Kabori, now an Awami League MP, brought up an anecdote.

“Back in our time, our romantic coupling was in huge demand. Razzak and I had banters going on between us. This initiated because I always used give him compliments whenever he delivered a perfect expression, but he never praised me. When I asked him, only then he would have said ‘Yes, you did good.’ ”

Kabori and Razzak worked in about eighteen films together.

Talking about their equation, Kabori said, “Our understanding was amazing as we’ve worked together a lot. Maybe it is our understanding that made our pair resilient on screen.”

Dhaka, 22 , August , ( /AZ

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