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Indigenous students get books in mother tongue


Live Correspondent: This year’s Textbook Festival Day, celebrated across the country Sunday, brought an exceptionally beautiful day in the lives of indigenous students as for the first time in the country’s history they got free textbooks printed in their mother tongues.

Textbooks printed in Chakma, Marma, Garo, Sadri and Tripura languages were distributed among pre-primary indigenous students, creating a sensation among the people of hill districts.

Since the morning, besides Bangali students, indigenous pupils also started gathering at different schools in Rangamati. They seemed extraordinarily happy after getting their textbooks in their own languages.

Rangamati Hill District Council Chairman Brish Ketu Chakma, as the chief guest at the festival in the district, said: “A total of 12,131 pre-primary students from Chakma, Marma and Tripura communities of Rangamati are getting textbooks and exercise books in their mother tongues.”


Dhaka, 2 Jan. ( // IH

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