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Ruling party men behind increasing social crimes




Live Correspondent: Senior leader of BNP Moudud Ahmed has alleged that the influential people belonging to the ruling party are behind the growing social crimes, including rape.

“Social crimes have spiked as 12 people are now being killed a day in Bangladesh. Newspapers have unveiled who is the owner of Raintree Hotel where two university students were raped,” the BNP leader said.

Speaking at a discussion on Friday, the BNP leader further alleged that the ruling party’s influential people are abetting every social crime committed in Bangladesh now.

Referring to Banani rape incident, Moudud said newspapers reported how and when the ruling party men supported the rapists.

“It’s proved ruling party influential people had link with the rape of the two students,” he said.

Bangladesh Ganatantrik Sangskritik Jote arranged the discussion on BNP’s ‘Vision 2030’ at the Jatiya Press Club.

Moudud, a former law minister, appreciated Chief Justice SK Sinha for his continued efforts to establish an independent judiciary.

Mentioning that the judiciary is now independent only on paper, he said people have strong doubt whether the courts are politically influenced.

The BNP leader said their party if returns to power will allow the judiciary to work independently.

About the next general election, Moudud said their party is ready to join the election whenever it is held.

“But an atmosphere must be ensured so that the country’s people can cast their votes. That’s why we’re talking about an election-time supportive government,” he added.

Dhaka, 19 May, ( //AM

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